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transiently wayward


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"Don’t be sad @brandonboyd #nosurf #letshavecoffee #deusvenice


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so, ive fallen off my no seizure streak. last tuesday i had one, and i had one tonite. im okay, but not. been super out of it lately. my body has been quite off. the lupus and fibro are flaring, im goin slightly loopy haha.

forgive me, i havent been on much. im tryna get my shit togetha. yall know how that goes.

on the briiight side, my man and i are doing astoundingly well and he is very supportive of me and my illnesses. he treats me like a goddamn queen. and he is so stinkin handsome.

yah, so thats about it. i hope yall are all doin well, stay safe and stay happy wherever you may find yourselves at this juncture in time. may light and positivity be in close proximity. take care now..nitie nite :]